Robo-Bees- Set To Create a Buzz in the Food and Agriculture Market
Food production needs to be increased by 70% from its present yield to feed the projected 9 billion population in 2050. Conversely, we foresee a large amount of natural bee population dyeing off in the near future which may generate food scarcity. In such a scenario, Robo-Bees- Read more

Blockchain Technology: Top Challenges Vs Widespread Adoption
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3D Printing: A Green Technology Printing the Future
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Vertical Farming Market Growth to be Fuelled by Significant Funding And Potential Benefits
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Has the Hype of Bio-plastics Overlooked Some Grave Issues?
bio-plastics commands less than 5% share of the total plastics consumption market. However, we believe this demand to increase eight-fold in the next 10 to 12 years. Though bio-plastics have increasingly being promoted as a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastics, Read more