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3D Printing

3D printing or additive manufacturing represents one of the highly transformative and rapidly growing technologies of the past decade. After strong developments in the aerospace and defense industry, 3D printing is increasingly making strides in healthcare, energy, food, and electronics.

The COVID-19 outbreak resulted in a significant shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies. The growing demand for PPE and medical supplies positively impacted the 3D printing market for healthcare applications. Today, 3D printing is also increasingly adopted by F&B manufacturing companies to integrate into their product development departments and production lines to optimize processes and reduce costs. In the automotive industry, prototyping is currently the most important application of 3D printing. Automotive companies are also focusing on using 3D printing technologies such as FDM and SLS that can enable companies to produce tools at a fraction of the cost as compared to in conventional methods, thereby greatly increasing efficiency on the factory floor.

As 3D printing industry aims to widen the applications across different industry verticals, we at Meticulous Research® are continuously tracking different use cases of 3D printing and enabling global players to direct their innovation and product enhancement activities towards achieving stable revenue growth in this highly competitive market environment.


Ease of scalability of manufacturing operations using 3D printing technologies

Rapid adoption of additive manufacturing technologies across different industry verticals

Widening applications of 3D printing technologies for manufacturing industrial as well as consumer products

Ease in the development of customized products

Development of new industrial-grade 3D printing materials

Rising demand for cosmetic dentistry using 3D printing

Rising need to produce complex parts and minimize waste

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