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Read our latest insights on covid - 19's impact on various industries

China was first to report existence of COVID-19 virus to the WHO. The emergence of COVID-19 quickly escalated to become a global pandemic and is now considered to affect majority of the industries across the globe. As the sudden pandemic accelerates its spread to over 195 countries and territories across the world, The United Nations has estimated a global economic impact of $2 trillion for industries across the globe.

Governments across the globe have already announced financial packages to lower the economic impact of COVID-19 on their respective economies. On 26th March 2020, The G20 leaders have also pledged to inject $5 trillion into the global economy to minimize the social and economic damage of the coronavirus pandemic. G20 members would also look to increase funding to multilateral bodies as required. The US, is also looking at a Senate vote to rollout a $2 trillion package to combat economic impact of COVID-19 on the U.S. economy.

Industries across the globe are increasingly making efforts to understand the short-mid-long term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and prepare themselves to combat the situation with proactive strategic business planning. Industries are proactively working in tandem with governments to mitigate the impact of this tragedy affecting hundreds of thousands of people, globally.

We at Meticulous Research® are continuously tracking the business impact of this human tragedy for multiple industries. In our effort to enable businesses to strategize their growth plans, we are making every effort to realign, update, and simplify our research to provide actionable insights and guidance to global business organizations in order to enable them to sail through this situation with resilience and agility.

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