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Internet of Things

Internet of Things is regarded as the backbone of technological evolution over the past few years, as it is responsible for success of multitude of technologies and use cases, including machine learning, AR/VR, edge computing, wearable devices, smart cities and smart homes, and so on. While AI continues to extend the future of technological disruptions, IoT is further expected to support the collection of data for AI to be successful for any application. Currently, the internet of things market is at its inflection point, providing vast growth opportunities for players over the coming years. Companies are increasingly coming up with ideas and innovative ways to use and combine these technologies to build successful use cases or applications.

Meticulous Research® offers focused insights on IoT technologies and use cases for global technology providers to maintain competitive edge in a dynamic technology landscape of internet of things (IoT).


Increasing smart city and industry 4.0 initiatives worldwide.

Increasing demand for IoT devices across industry verticals.

Government initiatives and investments for the developments of autonomous vehicles.

Increasing demand of smart wearable devices.

Advancement of digital technologies including 5G, AI, digital twin, and edge computing.

Growing need for real-time tracking and monitoring assets in retail and supply chain industry.

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+1 646-781-8004
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