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Edible Insects

Insects are a good source of proteins and fats. Edible insects are recently widely being exploited as food for humans and animals in many countries across the globe. Also, using insects for food and feed applications over conventional alternatives has significant ecological advantages.

Insects can be a good source of protein for animals as they are rich in protein and can also extract protein from waste material and facilitate significant reductions in the volume of waste. This has led to the idea of exploring insects as sustainable sources of protein. To exploit this opportunity, a large number of startups are investing in edible insects rearing and processing business and launching innovative products in the market. Rising investment, increased focus on getting regulatory approvals, expanding application for insect products, enhancing production, and achieving operating efficiency are some of the trends expected to drive the focus on innovation and product enhancement in this dynamic market.

Through our extensive research coverage, we at Meticulous Research® are uniquely positioned to guide companies operating in edible insects market in this innovation journey and help them design strategies for sustainable future business.


Growing greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock and poultry industries

High nutritional value of insects and rising demand for cricket-based food products

Environmental benefits of insects as a source of protein

Low risk of transmitting zoonotic diseases with the consumption of edible insects

Increasing concerns with greenhouse gas emissions from the livestock & poultry industries

Rising demand for insect protein in the animal feed industry

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