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Electric Vehicle

The global electric vehicle landscape is rapidly evolving, primarily resulting from changes in regulations, consumer behavior, and technology. Governments across the globe are offering incentives to accelerate the penetration of electric vehicles across all areas, i.e., land, sea, and sky. With the rapid adoption of electric vehicles, the industry is speculated to be a single multi-trillion-dollar fastest-growing ecosystem for all economies.

Battery efficiency and charging time are critical to the adoption of electric vehicles. Hence, these two areas are the focus of innovation of global EV manufacturers and battery solution providers. Today, various automakers are also increasingly partnering with battery OEMs to develop lithium-ion batteries, secure the battery supply chain for their existing and upcoming electric vehicles, and achieve technology leadership in EV batteries. The interdependencies among stakeholders are creating numerous business opportunities across the value chain.

We at Meticulous Research® are closely tracking growth opportunities in the electric vehicle ecosystem and are enabling industry stakeholders to leverage the business opportunities emerging from the technological advancements in this industry.


Government initiatives to drive the adoption of EVs and associated infrastructure

Rising demand for EV fast-charging infrastructure

Increasing R&D in V2G technology

Rapid advancements in battery technology and declining battery prices

Rapidly increasing adoption of electric mobility in emerging economies

Increasing investments by ride-hailing companies in the micromobility space

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