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Our Approach

In an increasingly complex data intensive business environment, we work with our clients to build strong revenue transformation strategies focusing on the basics of business — Customer, Competition, and Core Competencies.

Customer Intelligence

Create highly functional marketing, sales, and business strategies in line with ever changing customer needs and preferences

  • What operational, functional, and commercial pain points exist at customer end?
  • What commercial or contractual expectations are driving customer engagements?
  • What changes are driving product demand - now vs. next 5-10 years?
  • How technology preference is changing the consumption trend?
  • What marketing messages are creating largest impact?
  • What is driving product switching?
  • How is the supplier selection criteria evolving with technological evolution?

Competitive Intelligence

Stay ahead of your competition by identifying market niche and new revenue growth opportunities supporting your existing business environment.

  • What are the industry best practices?
  • Who are the major competitors for your business? What market share do they hold?
  • What are the core competencies of your competitors?
  • What strategic initiatives are driving competitor’s revenue growth?
  • What does future competitive landscape look like?
  • What sourcing, marketing, distribution, pricing strategies are driving your competitor’s strategic growth?

Market Intelligence

No matter what disruption lies ahead for your business, cover your blind spots and stay on the top of industry developments through our cutting-edge insights on niche markets.

  • Which next generation technologies are expected to define your business growth for next 5-10 years?
  • What strategic initiatives can help you drive business growth?
  • Which are the top areas for your R&D / marketing / product development investments?
  • Allocating budgets for sustainable growth?
  • What M&A opportunities are there for your business?
  • What is the most effective product positioning for your business to achieve sustainable growth?

360° Focus

Today, businesses are increasingly getting interconnected. In converging ecosystems, Meticulous Research® is successfully helping global companies to identify, strategize, and capture revenue opportunities ahead of the curve.

   Technology Disruption

Identify technologies that have the greatest potential to drive substantial economic impact and disruptions for next decade for your business.

   Product Life Cycle Changes

Mitigate the impact of product life cycle changes on your mid to long term revenue growth amidst growing complexity of product portfolios.

   New Use Cases

In an era of technological transformation, find new use cases for existing technologies and widen revenue streams for next decade.

   Ecosystem Convergence

Assess markets that provide opportunities to aggregate your capabilities and co-create effectively to realise new market opportunities and create business value.

Research Areas / Industry Themes

Understanding The Impact Of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our analysts and analytics teams continue to assess the short and long term effects of Coronavirus on industries, economies and consumers. Explore the interactive ecommerce price and product availability tracker, hear our experts discuss implications and read the latest analysis here.

Our Service Model

Engage – a trusted solution for your research needs

We understand that businesses of different sizes have different market research needs. Following the principles of excellence, integrity, customer centricity, and collaboration we offer a highly flexible engagement model that suits your needs and will help to meet your growth objectives in an efficient manner.

Meticulous Market Research

Off-the-shelf studies

A self-service model providing one click access to all off-the-shelf content published by Meticulous Research. The focused insights from these studies provide foundation for all your market research needs to identify technology transformations in your areas of interest, including technology, application, end users.

These studies are updated on timely basis to keep you at pace with industry trends at all times.

Meticulous Market Research

Analyst Engagement

We understand that within the same industry, different players have different business needs. Our dedicated analyst teams track market developments on a continuous basis. While off-the shelf research studies provide an excellent platform to identify opportunities, we offer extended support to provide focused content and insights for business needs of your role at any given point in time.

Keeping your organizational goals at the center of our engagement, we ensure extremely flexible & agile analyst engagement which aligns with your internal forms, formats, definitions, underwriting standards, and timeline.

Meticulous Market Research

Growth Partner

Our dedicated techno-commercial experts work in tandem with your internal business teams to identify new revenue growth opportunities well ahead of the curve. The team ensures 100% alignment with your business objectives and proactively assesses the impact of new technologies, use cases, and applications within the business ecosystem on your mid to long term revenue growth.

The team offers extended support to strategize revenue growth opportunities and to mitigate the impact of external factors on your business objectives.

Proudly Partnering and Transforming Revenues of Enterprises Around the Globe

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