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Water & Wastewater Technologies

Wastewater treatment aims to protect humans and the ecosystem from harmful and toxic elements found in wastewater. Water treatment facilities speed up the natural process of purifying water; these facilities use a mix of physical, chemical, and biological processes to treat industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater to remove pollutants and send the purified water back into the environment.

In recent years, the rapid population growth and urbanization, the growing emphasis on water quality and public health, the increasing prevalence of water-borne diseases, the increase in industrial demand, and stringent governmental regulations on treating wastewater have boosted the demand for water treatment systems.

Today, the players offering water and wastewater treatment technologies are constantly investing in research & development of innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies to increase process efficiency, while simultaneously reducing cost. Thermal hydrolysis and microbial fuel cells (MFC) technology are emerging as some of the most promising technologies in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

With years of experience in tracking the ecosystem of water and wastewater treatment technologies, we at Meticulous Research® are uniquely positioned to assist technology providers to identify product enhancement, innovation, and revenue growth opportunities in this highly dynamic market environment.


Rapidly diminishing freshwater resources propelling the requirement for wastewater treatment technologies

Growing need for water reclamation and reuse technologies

The growing demand for energy-efficient and advanced water treatment technologies

Increasing prevalence of waterborne diseases

Rapid population growth & urbanization and stringent water treatment regulations

Increasing demand for energy recovery from wastewater

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