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Agrochemicals are specialized chemicals and compounds used for crop protection and yield improvement. The overall demand for agrochemicals has surged over the years, with significant growth in agriculture industry across the globe. The rising pressure on the agriculture industry to enhance the overall agricultural output from limited farmland has also contributed to the growing demand for agrochemicals, globally.

Today, companies in the agrochemicals industry are increasingly focusing on developing sustainable bio-based agrochemicals to support the rising demand for organic and clean label products and growing environmental concerns. Increasing consumer preference for organic food products and the surging demand for exotic fruits, vegetables, and flowers that require highly controlled environments and specific nutritional content in the soil is also at the center of innovations in the agrochemicals industry.

Meticulous Research® has been at the forefront of tracking innovation in the agriculture industry and thereby enabling global players in the agrochemicals industry to direct their innovation activities towards achieving stable revenue growth in this highly dynamic market environment.


Growing need to increase crop yield and quality

Positive outlook of government policies and various organizations encourage the use of agrochemicals

Rising concerns with micronutrient deficiency in soil

Growing awareness about environmental safety to support the biopesticides and biostimulants demand

Increasing demand for organic food to support the demand for organic and bio-based fertilizers

Growing adoption of improved agricultural practices and advancement in storage technology

Increasing investment from leading crop protection chemical manufacturers

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