Gluten-Free Food Products Market Outlook: 2013-2020

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  • Aug 2013
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Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat and related grain species such as barley and rye. Gluten provides elasticity to dough and helps to give final product its texture and desired properties. However apart from being body building food (protein) gluten has some adverse effect on health as well. It is found that in 1 in 133 person among the developed nation has shown allergic reaction to gluten. Also gluten causes chronic diarrhea and vomiting to some people. These factors led the increasing demand for the gluten free food across the developed nations.
This research report offers a complete analysis of global gluten free foods in a most significant manner. This report helps to understand this market by its applications in food processing segments like breakfast cereals, baking mixes & flours, meat & poultry industry, bakery & confectionery. The project also emphasizes on the distribution channel for gluten free products. The strategies of key players with expert comments on the present & future trends in this report gives clear idea about the development of this promising sector.
This report provides comprehensive description of the gluten free product market across the globe. North America is found to be major consumer of gluten free products followed by Europe. Gluten free product market is at the initiation stage in the Asia. After America where gluten free product is now a regular grocery item, Europe is predicted to be the next big market for gluten free product. The report offers contemporary developments & forecasting till 2020 across the globe.
Source: Expert Interviews, Government Authorities, Related associations/Institutes, Related Research Publication, Government Publication, Company Press Release, Company Annual Reports, Company Website, Company Publication, SEC Filings, Meticulous Analysis.

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