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Rising Demand From The Sports Nutrition Industry Drives Postbiotic Market

   January 12, 2023

The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) provides the mechanisms and use of probiotic supplementation to optimize athletes' health, performance, and recovery. Athletes have varying gut microbiota compositions that appear to reflect the activity level of the host in comparison to sedentary people, with the differences linked primarily to the volume of exercise and amount of protein consumption. Whether differences in gut microbiota composition affect probiotic efficacy is unknown. In 2021, more than 500,000 NCAA student-athletes competed in 24 sports events. Moreover, sports professionals, athletic trainers, and serious fitness enthusiasts like marathoners and cyclists, and the number of individuals who could benefit from postbiotic supplementation is significantly higher.

Further, various organization supports sports programs. For instance, the Special Olympics Organization supports sports through its programs in more than 170 countries. It supports 5 million athletes, 1 million coaches and volunteers, and more than 100,000 competitions annually.

Further, the demand for dietary supplements and sports nutrition products is increasing globally. According to the National Institutes of Health, athletes, especially elite athletes, are more likely to use dietary supplements and sports nutrition products to enhance athletic performance than the general population. According to the Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ), it was estimated that in 2022, the dietary supplement industry garnered more than USD 58 billion in sales, with sports nutrition supplements accounting for nearly 14%.

As the number of worldwide athletic events increases, athletes are encouraged to build physical strength by increasing their immunity. Postbiotic supplements provide essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body. Demand for postbiotics is expected to increase over the projection period as customers become increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining excellent gut and digestive health concerns. As a result of rising awareness of the importance of a balanced diet in China and India, postbiotics are expected to become more popular.

Certain probiotic strains in athletic populations can increase absorption of key nutrients such as amino acids from protein, affecting the pharmacology and physiological properties of multiple food components. Some people who work out a lot may experience gastrointestinal problems. Some people find that some sports nutrition can cause them problems. Although sports nutrition is a convenient way to feed your body what it needs, it can also be a concentrated source of nutrients like carbs that the body may not be used to. However, some sports nutrition ingredients can aid digestion, for example, Isotonic Hydration, which contains postbiotics and calcium.

Potential probiotic benefits relevant to an athletic population include improved body composition and lean body mass, normalizing age-related declines in testosterone levels, reductions in cortisol levels indicating improved responses to a physical or mental stressor, reduction of exercise-induced lactate, and increased neurotransmitter synthesis, cognition and mood. 

Hence, the growing demand for sports nutrition and the use of postbiotics for a healthy lifestyle and body is expected to drive their demand for sports nutrition.

Meticulous Research,® in its latest publication on the ‘Global Postbiotics Market,’ states that the market is expected to reach $24.03 million by 2029, at a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period 2022 to 2029.

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