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Growing Health Consciousness Among the Consumers to Drive the Growth of the Healthy Snacks Market

   December 7, 2022

Well-being is becoming a global movement as consumers seek to ensure healthy lives for as long as possible, particularly as the average lifespan continues to rise. Over the past decade, industrialization, urbanization, economic development, and globalization led to rapid changes in diets and lifestyles. These factors significantly impact health and nutritional status, particularly in developing countries.

The global population is growing rapidly. According to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), the global human population is expected to grow by 75 million annually or by 1.1% annually. With this, the world population is expected to reach 9.9 billion in 2050, increasing 33% from an estimated 7.4 billion in 2017. The growing global population will significantly increase the demand for high-nutritional food products. Hence, the need for high-nutritional food products to cater to the growing population is expected to boost the demand for healthy snacks.

Today, consumers are more conscious of their health and understand that proper nutrition and hydration are vital for the human body. Eating healthier foods is also a preventive measure to avoid future healthcare costs. People who eat a well-balanced diet tend to be healthier with stronger immune systems and are at lower risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

As consumers’ interest in better nutrition grows, so does their craving for better-for-you snacks. There is a huge demand for healthy snacks that adhere to specific dietary needs, including gluten-free, organic, clean-label, whole grain, reduced-calorie, omega-3, and vitamin and mineral-fortified products. Consumers turned to snacks during the COVID-19 pandemic to alter their mood, and two-thirds of people snacked twice daily. However, consumers are more interested in healthy snacks due to their low-sugar and low-fat attributes. In addition, two in five people are now looking for healthy snacks all or most of the time.

Hence, the growing health awareness has increased the demand for healthy snacks that support better health, especially low-fat, cholesterol, protein-rich, and weight-control products. Also, all-natural and clean-label trends within the food and beverage market are expected to increase the demand for healthy snack products.

The healthy snacks market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% in the next seven years to be valued at $152.08 billion by 2029, according to the latest publication of Meticulous Research®.

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