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Minimal Platform Price of Online Language Learning Applications Drives the Language Learning Market

   September 6, 2023

The minimal price of online language learning apps plays a pivotal role in shaping the language learning market dynamics. Apps are considered excellent tools for building vocabulary, and it is in vocabulary learning where technology-based learning has the highest benefits compared to traditional learning methods. Currently, language learning mobile apps are getting widely popular across the globe as their usage is becoming increasingly prevalent among smartphone, tablet, and computer users. Users can download most apps freely, while others must be purchased. Students can easily and freely download these language learning apps according to their interests. Further, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for these apps increased in K-12, corporates, and educational institutes for remote learning activities. The accessibility and affordability of these platforms have contributed to an expanded user base, generating heightened levels of adoption. This surge, in turn, has sparked intense competition within the market, compelling other language-learning platforms to recalibrate their pricing strategies to remain competitive.

The minimal pricing structure of the platform makes it more accessible to a wider audience, including individuals with limited financial means. Online language learning apps are competitively priced lower than other foreign language learning applications, increasing their adoption. For instance, the Busuu app by Busuu (U.K.), which helps learners talk to native English speakers to practice English speaking, costs USD 6/month (Premium membership), while the Busuu app for Spanish costs around ~USD 19 per month (EUR 14.99). Also, Fluencia, an online platform that teaches Spanish through a highly visual method, costs around ~USD 14.95/month. The Duolingo app for English is free, and Duolingo Plus costs ~USD 6.99 per month, while the Duolingo application for French learning costs around ~USD 9.99 per month. Such a strategic pricing approach by companies fosters a more inclusive and competitive language learning market, ensuring that a wider audience can embark on the language learning journey with accessible and cost-effective tools. Thus, the minimal platform price of online language learning apps plays a crucial role in driving the LLM in the coming years.

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