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Rising Demand for Interconnectivity Between Devices in Remote Areas Driving the Adoption of Satellite IoT Solutions to Fuel the Satellite IoT Market

   August 18, 2023

The demand for interconnectivity between devices has increased, especially in remote areas. Satellite IoT technology allows devices to connect to the internet and other devices through satellite networks, which use low-power, low-bandwidth communication protocols to transmit data. Satellite IoT devices can facilitate communication and data exchange in remote areas where traditional communication networks are unreliable. Satellite IoT technology allows a wide range of devices, such as sensors, trackers, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, to operate in areas where cellular or other terrestrial networks are unavailable.

Furthermore, satellite IoT devices can connect and communicate with each other regardless of their location, allowing for seamless data exchange, remote monitoring, and control. Satellite IoT technology is particularly useful in industries such as agriculture, transportation, and energy, where assets are distributed over large geographic areas and need real-time data monitoring and analysis for efficient and effective operations. Thus, the increasing adoption of satellite IoT solutions to facilitate device interconnectivity in remote areas is driving the growth of the satellite IoT market.

Increasing Use of Satellite IoT Technology in the Agriculture Industry Accelerating Market Growth

Satellite IoT technology is increasingly being used in agriculture to automate routine processes and remotely monitor crops and livestock in real time. Satellite IoT technology enables precision agriculture, which uses data-driven insights to optimize crop yields, reduce waste, and conserve resources such as water and fertilizers. Satellite IoT services allow for the early detection of pest infestations, crop diseases, or irrigation problems, allowing farmers to quickly address these issues before they escalate. IoT sensors allow farmers to track the temperature and humidity levels in storage facilities, ensuring that agricultural produce meets the required quality standards. With satellite IoT technology, farmers can streamline operations and make more informed decisions based on insights. These benefits are driving the adoption of satellite IoT solutions in the agriculture sector, accelerating the growth of the satellite IoT market.

Growing Use of Satellite IoT Technology in Maritime Applications Expected to Generate Growth Opportunities for Market Players

Maritime and offshore industries have always faced challenges in communication and data transfer. Operating in remote and often harsh environments, enterprises in these industries require reliable and efficient connectivity solutions to ensure operational safety and efficiency. Satellite IoT services provide robust communication networks, making them a viable solution for maritime and offshore businesses to address these challenges.

The maritime industry extensively uses satellite IoT technology for vessel monitoring and tracking. Satellites receive and transmit Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals from vessels that enable the identification and real-time tracking of ships from distant locations. Sensors also help prevent collisions and better manage maritime traffic. Using sensors and cameras installed on ships, shipping companies can now collect data on vessel location, speed, fuel consumption, and cargo. Key market players are collaborating to provide satellite IoT solutions for maritime applications. For instance, in February 2021, KVH Industries, Inc. (U.S.) partnered with SmartShip (Saudi Arabia) to offer KVH Watch services as part of its wide range of remote technical and operational management solutions. The Smart Ship Hub platform provides performance advisory and predictive diagnostics for vessel performance optimization, remote video-based maintenance and surveys, and a wide range of related services that rely on real-time data feeds. Such widening maritime applications of satellite IoT technology are expected to generate growth opportunities for the players operating in this market.

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