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Consistent Rise in the Adoption of Cloud-based Services to Drive the Industrial Control Systems Security Market

   April 10, 2023

In today’s modern connected world, most organizations and government bodies are becoming inclined toward cloud deployment and reshaping the approach to digitalization. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of cloud-based platforms and services, forcing organizations to move their workloads to the cloud to gain agility and reduce expenses. In the industrial sector, the demand for cloud-based services for OT/ICS environments is rising as these services help organizations reduce costs, achieve sustainable growth, and leverage the benefits of digitalization. Cloud-based services enable fully remote work, allowing professionals to remotely manage industrial systems.

According to Statista, 49% of users prefer to remotely monitor, configure, and analyze the working of Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) in their organization using cloud-based services. The increasing adoption of cloud capabilities for ICS has enabled faster data communication, device performance analysis, device configuration management, improved diagnostics and troubleshooting, and a centralized view of processes, redundancy, and scalability. However, this has increased the vulnerability of ICS infrastructure. Several market players are collaborating to tackle security issues in ICS infrastructure. For instance, in 2022, XONA Systems (U.S.) partnered with Nozomi Networks Inc. (U.S.) to help critical infrastructure operators enhance and remotely manage the security of operational technology and industrial control systems. Also, in 2022, DE-CIX (Malaysia) partnered with BasicBrix Cloud Pte Ltd. (Singapore) to provide cloud computing and offer a wide range of cost-effective, secure cloud and infrastructure services for Malaysian SMEs. Such developments, along with the consistent rise in the adoption of cloud-based services, are driving the growth of the ICS security market.

Growing Demand for Robotic Process Automation Systems is Expected to Offer Significant Growth Opportunities for the Industrial Control Systems Security Market

With the advent of Industry 4.0, the demand for smart manufacturing technologies, including robotic process automation (RPA) systems, is also increasing as these systems improve the overall performance of industrial processes. Robotic process automation systems are a technology developed to easily build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate human actions while interacting with digital systems and software. These systems allow organizations to securely automate repetitive and high-volume tasks to reduce manual effort, eliminate errors, and improve process productivity.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations widely deployed RPA projects to minimize costs by automating menial tasks. Hence, several companies were focused on providing robotic process automation systems. For instance, in 2021, Newgen Software Technologies Limited (India) launched iBPS V 5.0 SP2, a low code process automation platform. The platform enhances personalization options, rule engines, robotic process automation, data handling, containerized deployment, mobile app capabilities, and other features to help organizations accelerate digital transformation initiatives.

The implementation of RPA has also led to an increase in account privileges, increasing the risk of fraud and cyberattacks. Thus, security and control are built into every system layer to protect data from cyberattacks. Also, the granular role-based access controls make data available only to authorized users. Key players in the market are collaborating to offer security solutions to protect organizations from cyberattacks. For instance, in 2021, CrowdStrike, Inc. (U.S.) partnered with UiPath (U.S.) to extend endpoint security to RPA and enable visibility to enhance the protection and speed of responses with the UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform and the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform. Such developments and the increasing demand for robotic process automation systems are creating market growth opportunities.

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