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Growing Demand for Industrial Batch Mixers among Food Processing Industries

   October 6, 2022

Industrial batch mixers are equipment used in the food industry for mixing processes. The equipment/vessels used by manufacturers include mixing systems, cookers, batch mixers, food processors, and blenders specifically designed for mixing food ingredients with or without particles in them. These equipment can be used stand-alone as well as part of a line solution. These equipment are designed to provide a complete solution, including mixing or blending, handling, heating, cooling, buffering, and other automation processes. These mixers offer various features, including customized mixing duration per the operating requirement with low or high shear mixing. All these operations are handled separately in one batch and finished before the other batch is started. Furthermore, batch mixers allow manufacturers to control the mixing time during the batch mixing process.

The adoption of industrial batch mixers is transforming the food processing industry. Food & beverage (F&B) products manufacturers & processors across North America, Europe, and Asia-pacific are implementing industrial batch mixers to meet the growing food safety requirements, consumers' demand for high-quality products, and the rising need for sustainability.

According to FoodDrinkEurope, the EU (44% of the turnover), the U.S. (20% of the turnover), and China (19% of the turnover) are the leading food producers globally. Europe's food & drink processing industry is twice as large as that of the U.S. and China. Emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, China, and Malaysia are increasing their F&B exports and imports. These factors are driving the adoption of food processing equipment, including industrial batch mixers in the food manufacturing & processing industries. Furthermore, the food & beverage processing industry is the second-largest manufacturing industry in Canada. Canada exports processed food & beverage products to approximately 192 countries. In 2019, the U.S. (72%), China (8%), and Japan (6%) accounted for 86% of Canada's total food exports. The country's flourishing food processing industry leverages industrial batch mixers to combine multiple ingredients into homogeneous products. Hence, the growing popularity of mixing solutions amongst commercial food processing plants, the rising demand from commercial bakeries, and food processing industries' growing need for high precision and control over the exact makeup of F&B mixtures are driving the adoption of industrial batch mixers, boosting the growth of this market.

Following are the key trends in the market:

  • Over the years, food equipment manufacturers have emphasized the development of custom solutions. This trend is expected to boost the growth of the food processing equipment market.
  • Food processing equipment manufacturers focus on developing high-quality energy-efficient mixers to enable F&B product manufacturers to offer consistent product quality and ensure food safety. This trend is expected to create opportunities for the players operating in this market.

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