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Surging Demand for Smart Sensor-enabled Wearable Devices

   October 6, 2022

Industrial automation sensors play a significant role in making products intelligent and highly automatic. They allow users to detect, analyze, measure, and process changes in production or manufacturing plants. Furthermore, these sensors are vital in making production intelligent and automated.

In recent years, the use of sensors in wearable devices has gained traction due to the growing utilization of smart wearables in applications such as predictive maintenance, worker health monitoring, and command & control systems. These devices are immensely important in controlling, monitoring, and managing industrial processes.

The leading manufacturers of smart wearables are focused on launching next-generation products to gain a competitive edge in the market. For instance, smart wearables are used to monitor employee vitals such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and blood pressure in industries that involve working in extreme temperatures or hazardous environments, such as oil & gas, chemicals, and metal & mining. In such industries, simple wearables, such as wristbands, connected clothing, or headwear, can present the safety and environmental information of the wearer. For instance, devices such as Google Glass can provide valuable information such as surface temperatures, machinery malfunction, and conditional hazards such as spilled liquids.

Furthermore, workers can also use wearable technologies to augment or improve existing processes and functions within industrial settings. For instance, workers can use wearables to stay focused on the task, obtain additional information, or deliver remote orders or commands. Wearable technologies also help speed up operations in warehouse and order fulfillment settings. Hence, the demand for smart wearables is increasing in the industrial sector, driving the industrial automation sensors market. 

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