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Advancements in Wearable Technologies are Expected to Drive the Wearable Technologies Market Growth

   October 6, 2022

The demand for wearable technologies has grown because of changing lifestyles and rising disposable incomes. Due to the enhanced capabilities of wearables, the demand from military, sports & fitness, healthcare, and entertainment, among other sectors, has also increased considerably. Existing players are launching innovative products, and new players are entering the market to meet this demand. The need for product differentiation has also intensified with the entry of new market players. For instance, Ambrane announced the launch of the Wise Roam smartwatch series in June 2022 as part of its portfolio expansion. The smartwatch offers Bluetooth calling, 100+ cloud-based watch faces, and IP68 water resistance, among other features. The smartwatch enables tracking heart rate, blood pressure, SpO2, menstrual health, sleep, and other wellness parameters through its sensors.

Additionally, it provides sedentary reminders, weather forecasts, and breath training. The smartwatch features the Da Fit software, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices and has more than 60 sports modes. The wristwatch can also be connected to Google Fit and Apple Health.

The development of printable and flexible batteries that can power wearable technologies has been made possible largely by companies such as LG Chem and Panasonic. Wearables manufacturers use the extra space created by these flexible and svelte batteries to add more components and increase battery capacities to provide improved features and longer battery life.

The consumer smart wearables market is expanding rapidly due to the sensors’ increasing sophistication and reduced sizes, particularly in the case of pressure sensors and activators. Companies are increasingly investing in developing cutting-edge digital and MEMS sensors with reduced sizes to cover a wide range of commercial applications.

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