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Increasing Investments In Start-Ups And Small Companies Teaching English

   July 11, 2023

Investments in start-ups and small companies focused on teaching English as a second language have increased recently. This surge in funding is driven by the growing recognition of the importance of English proficiency in a globalized world and the increasing demand for innovative language learning solutions. Also, the demand for effective English language education has skyrocketed with the rise of international business opportunities, study abroad programs, and the need for enhanced career prospects.

The global demand for higher education is expected to increase through 2040, and nearly 600 million students will be enrolled in universities worldwide by 2040. This staggering number presents a unique opportunity for education start-ups to expand their product portfolios and cater to the language learning needs of these learners. Recognizing the immense potential, several companies, including start-ups, have received investments for accelerating the English language learning platforms. For instance,

  • In March 2023, Speakeasy Labs, Inc. (U.S.), a leading language learning platform that uses artificial intelligence, announced that it had raised approximately USD 27 million in Series B funding led by OpenAI Start-up Fund (U.S.). The injection of funds will propel Speakeasy Labs' efforts to expedite the development of new conversational language experiences through generative AI, faster expansion to new regions and languages, and further enhance their offerings.
  • In March 2022, Immerse Inc. (U.S.) announced that it had raised approximately USD 9 million in Series B funding to become the first language immersion learning platform to bring its fully immersive, instructor-led, multiplayer language learning experiences directly to language learners worldwide in the metaverse. This investment brings the company’s total capital raised to USD 11.5 million.
  • In 2020, (U.S.), an EdTech start-up, received an investment of approximately USD 1 million from the Venture capital firm LETA Capital. This investment aims to further improve the mobile application developed by the company whose AI-voice virtual tutor teaches spoken English to children and launch the application in new regions.

These investments enable the development of innovative platforms, technologies, and methodologies that enhance the language-learning experience. Such ongoing development of online language learning platforms to meet the growing demand reflects the commitment of start-ups and companies to revolutionize language education.

Furthermore, start-ups and small companies are exploring unconventional techniques like gamification, social learning, and peer-to-peer interaction to create dynamic and collaborative language learning environments. Thus, an increase in investments for start-ups and companies will help develop newer online language-learning platforms to meet the demand and propel the online language-learning market in the coming years.

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