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Growing Need for Water Reclamation & Reuse Technologies is Expediting the Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies Market Growth Globally

   July 29, 2022

Water treatment and water treatment technologies are essential to remove contaminants and bacteria before the delivery of clean, potable water supplies for consumption. Water and wastewater treatment is a systematic series of processes used to remove contamination from wastewater and convert the water into effluent. The rapid population growth and urbanization, the growing emphasis on water quality and public health, the increasing prevalence of water-borne diseases, the increase in industrial demand, and stringent governmental regulations on treating wastewater have boosted the demand for water treatment technologies. Thus, water and wastewater treatment technologies present huge market opportunities for all the global water and wastewater treatment technologies market stakeholders.

Water pollution has become a major concern in the 21st century as it places additional pressure on the already stressed water supplies in a world with an ever-growing demand for freshwater and limited water resources. Water pollution is the introduction of harmful substances into water sources, which lead to adverse effects, such as health hazards for human beings and loss of water quality in the context of its use in economic activities such as agriculture and industry. Increasing water pollution has intensified the need for reusing water and water reclamation globally, driving the adoption of water and wastewater treatment technologies.

Wastewater treatment has become increasingly important due to exponential growth in the global population. Wastewater treatment technologies not only lower the carbon content in wastewater but also provide new ways of disposing of the byproduct of wastewater sludge dewatering. The following water reclamation technologies are currently in development:

  • THERMAL HYDROLYSIS: Thermal hydrolysis technology accomplishes three objectives—wastewater treatment, the reduction of waste byproducts, and the production of biogas. Thermal hydrolysis plants consider sludge a valuable source of energy.
  • MICROBIAL FUEL CELLS: This technology uses bacteria to clean wastewater. The byproduct of the bacteria’s consumption of wastewater sludge—charged electrons—can be converted into electricity. The use of MFC technology on a large scale can drastically decrease the use of fossil fuels in electricity generation.
  • SOLAR PHOTOCATALYTIC WASTEWATER TREATMENT: Solar photocatalytic wastewater treatment can reduce sludge by over 80% compared to traditional wastewater treatment systems.

Reclaimed water can be used for agriculture, landscaping, municipal water supply, and industrial applications using these technologies. Thus, the rising need for water reclamation has boosted the adoption of innovative treatment technologies, driving the growth of the global water and wastewater treatment technologies market.

The COVID-19 pandemic adversely affected most industries, including the water and wastewater treatment technologies industry. Investments in new water and wastewater treatment plants across micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises worldwide were either halted or delayed due to the decline in revenues. Most industries downscaled or reduced activities, impacting the demand for water and wastewater treatment technologies. The decline in demand from industrial and commercial users significantly decreased water utility revenues. However, the need to effectively dispose of industrial wastewater sustained the demand for water and wastewater treatment technologies. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for proper and advanced wastewater treatment in hospitals to curb the spread of the virus. As a result, decentralized wastewater treatment plants with multiple disinfection barriers were installed in quarantine centers and isolation wards during the pandemic. Thus, the stakeholders in the water and wastewater treatment technologies market are projected to lure numerous opportunities coming in their way in the forecast period.

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