Smart beds and robotic beds are expected to be the new revenue pockets for medical/hospital beds market

Beds are indispensable components required at healthcare facilities, as most of the patients are not in a mobile condition to receive the treatment, and rest is of utmost importance for them. With an evolution in the practice of medicine and technology, hospital beds have emerged as more sophisticated medical devices with a greater focus on safety and comfort of the patient. The hospital beds present in the market today have become stronger, lighter, durable, and effective with the increased use of high-quality synthetic casters and polymers.

The latest study on “MRI – Infrastructure Capacity Assessment (U.S. & Europe) with forecasts till 2015”presents an array of opportunities for both new start-ups firms as well established medical device manufacturers

The new market research study, “MRI – Infrastructure Capacity Assessment (U.S. & Europe) with forecasts till 2015” provides comprehensive information on Installed base of MRIs, Number of MRI scans conducted annually across institutions(diagnostic centers, hospitals & medical colleges), Cost of…