Global Stem Cell Market Outlook: 2013-2018

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  • Oct, 2013
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Product Description

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells which are capable of differentiating into any type of cell that make-up the human body and thus, are capable of producing non-regenerative cells such as neural and myocardial cells.
The market for stem cell research products continues to flourish. As stem cell research begins to yield actionable therapies, companies are investing resources in this area of research that stands to revolutionize the way many diseases are treated. Stem cell procedures currently provide life-saving treatments for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, other blood disorders, and some solid tumors. The use of stem cells in the drug discovery phase, rapid developments in regenerative medicine and the emergence of novel cell- based therapies are the driving forces for increasing stem cell demand.
This research report analyses the global stem cell market , mainly by Four segments such as, market by types, market by application, market by services and market by geography.
The global stem cells market is analyzed into the following segments:
 Global stem cells market by types
o Adult stem cells
• Hematopoietic stem cells
• Mesenchymal stem cells
o Embryonic stem cells
• Neuronal stem cells
• Dental stem cells
o Umbilical cord stem cells
o Fetal stem cells o
o Placenta derived stem cells
 Global stem cells market by technology
o Expansion & sub-culture
o Stem cell production
• Somatic nuclear transfer / therapeutic cloning
• IVF (in vitro fertilization)
• Isolation & cell culture
o Stem cell acquisition
• Bone marrow harvest
• Apheresis
• Umbilical cord blood stem cells acquisition
o Cryopreservation & storage
 Global stem cell market by services
o Characterization services
• HLA typing services
• Stem cell custom services
• Stem cell custom antibody services
o Stem cell acquisition & testing
o Stem cell banking
• Ethical issues on stem cell banking
o Drug screening & target validation
o Molecular biology
 Global stem cell market by application
o Regenerative medicine
• Neurological disorders
• Myocardial infarction & cardiovascular diseases
• Cancer
• Injuries
• Incontinence
• Diabetes
• Orthopedics
• Liver disorders
• Hematological disorders
• Others
o Drug Discovery and Development
 Stem Cells Market by Geography
o North America
o Europe
o Asia
o Rest of the World (RoW)
This report provides comprehensive analysis of more than 25 top players of Bio-pharmaceuticals industry with respect to their company overview, financials, portfolio, recent developments and strategies.
Source: Expert Interviews, Government Authorities, Related associations/Institutes, Related Research Publication, Government Publication, Company Press Release, Company Annual Reports, Company Website, Company Publication, SEC Filings, Meticulous Analysis.


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