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Alternative Protein

Over the past few years, the focus on health and sustainability and craving for healthy food has spearheaded the idea of high protein diets. This has led to the idea of exploring sustainable sources of protein from non-animal sources; in turn driving the demand for alternative proteins, such as plant-based proteins, insect proteins, algae proteins, and lab-grown meat.

To capitalize on this opportunity, a large number of startups and disruptor companies are investing heavily in alternative proteins and launching new & exciting products in the market. Along with global food giants, several entrants in the alternative-protein space are rolling out new technologies and ingredients to solidify their place in the market. A progressive strategy is the key to developing sustainable revenue growth in this market, which showcases enormous opportunities for early movers.

We at Meticulous Research® are continuously tracking the alternative protein ecosystem, from raw material supplies, ingredients, to finished products, to identify high growth areas for players operating in this market and enable them to direct their innovation and product enhancement activities to achieve sustainable revenue growth in this highly competitive market environment.


Increasing awareness about the benefits of protein and growing demand for protein rich diet

Growing health & wellness trend and rising consumer preference for “better-for-you” products

Increasing consumers’ focus on meat alternatives

Growing investments and funding in alternative protein space

Environmental sustainability with production and consumption of alternative protein

Technological advancements in the alternative protein industry

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