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Robotics & Automation

Robotics, in collaboration with artificial intelligence, aids humans in performing tasks easily and efficiently, driving the industry's growth over the coming years. With the advent of Industry 4.0, the demand for robotics across industries has increased significantly. Advanced robots, including collaborative, humanoid, service, and space robots, are experiencing high demand across the applications sectors to increase efficiency and productivity. Besides, the penetration of artificial intelligence in robotics has gained popularity with technical advancements and the evolution of the fourth industrial revolution, further advancing the use of robotics in various verticals.

With continuous innovation in the robotics & automation industry, technology providers are increasingly focusing on developing new use cases across different industry verticals. While developed economies across North America and Europe continue to offer growth opportunities; it is the industrial, manufacturing, and service robots sector in the Asia-Pacific region creating huge revenue pockets for industry players across the robotics and automation industry ecosystem.

Meticulous Research® has been at the forefront of tracking different use cases of robotics and automation technologies and enabling global players to direct their innovation and product enhancement activities towards achieving stable revenue growth in this high growth market environment.


Deployment of IIoT technologies and rising adoption of industrial robots in the manufacturing sector

Widening applications of collaborative robots across all industries

Increasing automation across the automotive and electronics sectors

Growing focus on reducing human labor across industries

Industry focus on building safe and digitized production processes

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