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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as the biggest driver for the next big digital disruption for the global economy. Today, artificial intelligence is making substantial progress across diverse industry verticals with applications spanning across autonomous vehicles, medical diagnostics, advanced robotics, and so on. Expansion in AI development has been brought about by exponential growth of big data, advancement in artificial neural networks (ANN), cross-sector collaborations, and strong R&D investments in artificial intelligence. With this, there is a global race to fund, develop, and acquire AI technologies, with profitable uses for AI proliferating in advanced and emerging economies.

As artificial intelligence becomes part of everyday life for industrial and consumer applications; we at Meticulous Research® offer array of insights for global technology providers to target new use cases and maintain competitive edge in an ever-changing technology landscape.


Advent of Industry 4.0 and proliferation of manufacturing automation

Need to Enhance the end-user experience and improve productivity in retail & e-commerce sector

Rising venture capital investments in artificial intelligence for the healthcare sector

Investments for the developments of autonomous vehicles

Proliferations of Smart City Projects across the globe

Widening implementation of computer vision in both autonomous & semi-autonomous applications

Growing significance of AI-based cybersecurity solutions in the BFSI sector

Increasing volumes of complex datasets and to growing need to generate real-time value from the data

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