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Laboratory Instrumentation

Laboratory instrumentation and consumables are the backbone of successful research, specifically in the areas of life sciences, comprising pharmaceutical and biotechnology clusters; agriculture; food sciences; and environmental sciences. As life science instrumentation companies continue to innovate their product offerings it is imperative to identify and understand the understand the next generation revenue growth opportunities and maintain technological competence to ensure sustainable revenue growth.

As incorporation of robotics and automation technologies expands across lab operations, the vendors in this market are also focusing on high-throughput technologies to speed up the research by increasing productivity and reducing labor costs. Leveraging the large amount of data generated at labs through incorporation of AI and data analytics solutions to enhance research outcomes is also creating new revenue opportunities for technology providers.

Meticulous Research® has been at the forefront of identifying new technological and revenue opportunities for lab instrumentation solution providers and enabling clients to drive their innovation strategies for sustainable long term growth.


Rapid growth in the life-sciences industry

Growing investments in pharmaceutical R&D expenditure

Growing demand for biopharmaceuticals

Technological advancements through digital innovations

Rising focus on reducing ‘time to market’ in drug discovery by accelerating R&D productivity

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