Meticulous Research Viewpoint: Automotive Industry Amid Global COVID-19 Crisis

At Meticulous Research ®, we work with many companies operating in the entire value chain of the automotive industry across the globe to analyze the latest trends and projections that can help our clients prepare well ahead of their competitors and thereby transform revenues.

In our effort to enable businesses to strategize their growth plans, we are making every effort to realign, update, and simplify our research to provide actionable insights and guidance to the various organizations in order to enable them to sail through this situation with resilience and agility.

Automotive Industry Amid Global COVID-19 Crisis

The global spread of novel coronavirus has increased with an increased restriction on movement and social distancing measures being implemented across Europe and America. The situation in Asia appears to be stabilizing but there is a strong chance of "wave 2" to hit the region in the form of "imported" cases. The economic impact of coronavirus has risen sharply with rising risk-aversion measures and deteriorating economic activities. A global recession is guaranteed due to the first-quarter shocks in China followed by shutting of economic activities in G7 nations. S&P global ratings have predicted that the current situation will result in a severe and more persistent supply and demand shocks across the globe.

With the current situation expected to persist for few more weeks, the global automobile industry may be looking at a recovery period of at least 12 to 15 months due to disrupted supply chain, economic loss, and reduced consumer confidence in the market.

Amidst this crisis for the automotive industry, we at Meticulous Research® are continuously assessing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on various sub-markets, and enable global organizations to strategize for the post-COVID-19 world and sustain their growth.

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