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Meticulous Research Viewpoint: Robots leading the fight against COVID-19

Robots leading the fight against COVID-19

An upward trend in robotic deployment for professional and personal services amidst an industrial slowdown is attributed to the advanced technology offerings from the robotic manufacturers. It also becomes important to analyze the country-wise production capabilities of companies as a majority of these are operating at lower production levels. Another important aspect to consider here is the production capability of China, which is a global leader in robotic production and installations, and where the COVID-19 emerged initially. China ‚ itself accounts for around 800 robotic manufacturing companies and is expected to contribute 45% in terms of global unit shipments by 2021. The rapid epidemic control measures in China have resulted in several Chinese factories reopening to include robotics and automation solutions in their operations to minimize human interventions on the floor. Robotic enabled deliveries are witnessing a surge in demand primarily on account of rising deployment of service robots. For instance, automated warehouses in China’s have seen daily orders nearly double from 600,000 in one week during the crisis period. Moreover, leading players in the global robotic space are also operating at optimum level to ensure that the global supplies are being met.

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