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Edible Insects Industry Assessment: Market Potential, Pricing Patterns, Key Applications, and Competitive Positioning

Meticulous Research's® consultants received a study scope from the client. As per the study scope, the client was majorly interested in knowing market opportunities for analyte-specific reagents in IVD manufacturing.

Key Highlights:

Problem Statement

Manufacturers are focusing on expanding their product portfolio in various countries by studying the historical trends and thereby maintaining a competitive position in this market. The Meticulous Research® team confirmed this when they worked a case about the edible insects market.

The client, who is one of the leading manufacturers of edible insects, wanted to know about the purchase & consumption trend of edible insects. Nowadays, much of the world's population eats insects in some form. In recent years, the demand for high protein and low-fat products is increasing, causing a shift in dietary needs. Thus, the client wanted to expand its plant by considering these trends. This information helped the client to identify the potential product type and thereby develop a business strategy accordingly.

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