Microscopy Market by Product (Microscopes, Accessories), Type (Optical Microscope, Electron Microscope, AFM, STM, NSOM), Application (Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, Electronics), End User (Industrial, Research Institute) - Global Forecast to 2025

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1. Introduction
    1.1.Objectives of the Study
    1.2 . Market Definition
    1.3. Market Scope
           1.3.1. Markets Covered
           1.3.2. Years Considered for the Study
    1.4. Currency
    1.5. Limitations
    1.6. Stakeholders

2. Research Methodology
    2.1. Market Size Estimation
    2.2. Secondary Research
    2.3. Primary Research

3. Executive Summary

4. Market Insights
    4.1. Introduction
    4.2. Drivers
           4.2.1. Rising Focus on Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine
           4.2.2. Favorable Funding Scenario for R&D in Microscopy
           4.2.3. Technological Advancements in Microscopes
           4.2.4. Favorable Regulatory Procedures
    4.3. Restraints
           4.3.1. High Cost of Advanced Microscopes
    4.4. Opportunities
           4.4.1. Increasing Application Areas of Microscopy
           4.4.2. Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets
           4.4.3. Integration of Microscopy With Spectroscopy
    4.5. Challenges
           4.5.1. Lack of Skilled Professionals With Expertise in Operating Advanced Microscopes

5. Microscopy Market, By Product
    5.1. Introduction
    5.2. Microscopes
    5.3. Accessories & Software

6. Microscopy Market, By Type
    6.1. Introduction
    6.2. Optical Microscopes
           6.2.1. Inverted Microscopes
           6.2.2. Confocal Microscopes
           6.2.3. Stereo Microscopes
           6.2.4. Digital Microscopes
           6.2.5. Compound Microscopes
           6.2.6. Other Optical Microscopes
    6.3. Electron Microscopes
           6.3.1. Scanning Electron Microscopes
           6.3.2. Transmission Electron Microscopes
    6.4. Scanning Probe Microscopes
           6.3.1. Atomic Force Microscopes
           6.3.2. Scanning Tunneling Microscopes
           6.3.3. Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopes
    6.5. Other Microscopes

7. Microscopy Market, By Application
    7.1. Introduction
    7.2. Semiconductors
    7.3. Life Sciences
    7.4. Material Sciences
    7.5. Nanotechnology
    7.6. Others

8. Microscopy Market, By End User
    8.1. Introduction
    8.2. Industries
    8.3. Academic & Research Institutes
    8.4. Others

9. Microscopy Market, By Region
    9.1. Introduction
    9.2. North America
           9.2.1. U.S.
           9.2.2. Canada
    9.3. Europe
           9.3.1. Germany
           9.3.2. U.K.
           9.3.3. France
           9.3.4. Italy
           9.3.5. Spain
           9.3.6. RoE
    9.4. Asia-Pacific
           9.4.1. China
           9.4.2. Japan
           9.4.3. India
           9.4.4. RoAPAC
    9.5. Rest of the World
           9.5.1. Latin America
           9.5.2. Middle East & Africa

10. Competitive Landscape
      10.1. Introduction
      10.2. Company Benchmarking
      10.3. Market Share Analysis

11. Company Profiles (Business Overview, Financial Overview, Product Portfolio, Strategic Developments)
      11.1. Accu-Scope
      11.2. Bruker Corporation
      11.3. Carl Zeiss
      11.4. Danaher Corporation
      11.5. Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
      11.6. JEOL Ltd.
      11.7. Labomed
      11.8. Meiji Techno Co.
      11.9. Nikon Instruments Inc.
      11.10. Oxford Instruments
      11.11. Olympus Corporation
      11.12. Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

12. Appendix

Microscopy has experienced great advancement since its creation and has allowed visualizing tiny as well as nano particles. Technological advancement in microscopy allowing faster performance and easy sample preparation, increasing application areas of microscopy, growing efforts for early drug discovery, and increasing funding for advanced microscopy by private players and government organizations are the key factors driving the growth of microscopy market. Further, vast potential in emerging economies, rising application of microscopy in industries such as polymer and agriculture, and integration of microscopy with spectroscopy offer significant growth opportunities for players in this market.

The penetration of artificial intelligence in microscopy is an emerging trend which is expected to boost the growth of microscopy market in near future. Recently, scientists at the California NanoSystems Institute at UCLA have developed a new technique for identifying cancer cells in blood samples faster and more accurately than the current standard methods by integrating deep learning that uses complex algorithms to extract meaning from data with the goal of achieving accurate decision making.

Analysis of market segments 

The global microscopy market is segmented by product (microscopes, accessories & software), type (optical microscopes (inverted, confocal, stereo, digital, compound, other optical microscopes), electron microscopes (scanning, transmission), scanning probe microscopes (atomic force, scanning tunneling, near-field scanning optical), application (semiconductors, life sciences, material sciences, nanotechnology, others), end-user (industries, academic & research institutes, others), and geography.

On the basis of product type, microscopes accounted for the largest share of the global microscopy market. The large share of this segment is mainly attributed to growing adoption of advanced microscopes, rapid expansion of life sciences industry in emerging markets, and growing application of microscopy across the industries.

Based on type, optical microscopes dominate the market, whereas electron microscopes are expected to witness fastest growth. This is mainly attributed to its higher refining and resolving power that provides enhanced output image ranging up to several nanometers; favorable funding for its R&D; and growing application in nanotechnology and semiconductor fields.

Key Players

The report includes competitive landscape based on extensive assessment of the key strategic developments adopted by the leading market participants in the industry over the past 4 years (2015-2018). The key players profiled in the global microscopy market research report are Accu-Scope, Bruker Corporation, Carl Zeiss, Danaher Corporation, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, JEOL Ltd., Labomed, Meiji Techno Co., Nikon Instruments Inc., Oxford Instruments, Olympus Corporation, and Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.

Future Outlook

In coming years, adoption of microscopy is expected to increase in polymer industry, agriculture, nanotechnology, and atomic studies. At technological front, there is growing focus towards development of smart microscopes and integration of AI in microscopy which will further drive new product launches and hence the market growth. For instance, IBM is developing AI-powered robot microscopes to monitor the condition of the natural resource.

Market Segmentation:

Microscopy Market, by Product                                                              

  • Microscopes
  • Accessories & Software                                    

Microscopy Market, by Type                                                                    

  • Optical Microscopes
    • Inverted Microscopes
    • Confocal Microscopes
    • Stereo Microscopes
    • Digital Microscopes
    • Compound Microscopes
    • Other Optical Microscopes  
  • Electron Microscopes
    • Scanning Electron Microscopes
    • Transmission Electron Microscopes                 
  • Scanning Probe Microscopes                             
    • Atomic Force Microscopes                      
    • Scanning Tunneling Microscopes     
    • Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopes                       
    • Other Microscopes

Microscopy Market, by Application                                                                                            

  • Semiconductors
  • Life Sciences
  • Material Sciences
  • Nanotechnology
  • Others

Microscopy Market, by End User                                                                                    

  • Industries
  • Academic & Research Institutes
  • Others

Microscopy Market, by Region                                                                                        

  • North America
    • U.S.                      
    • Canada                                   
  • Europe
    • Germany
    • U.K.
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • RoE
  • Asia-Pacific
    • China
    • Japan
    • India
    • RoAPAC
  • Rest of the World                                    
    • Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa

Company Profiles                                       

  • Accu-Scope
  • Bruker Corporation
  • Carl Zeiss
  • DanaherCorporation
  • Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
  • JEOL Ltd.
  • Labomed
  • Meiji Techno Co.
  • Nikon Instruments Inc
  • Oxford Instruments
  • OlympusCorporation
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
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