Global Hydrocolloids Market Outlook: 2013-2020

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Hydrocolloids are the hydrophilic polymers that tend to swell on contact with water and forms gel like structure. This effect of hydrocolloid is of great significance from the food industries point of view. Hydrocolloid performs wide range of functions such as stabilizing, thickening, gel formation in various food industries. Hydrocolloid market is escalating across the globe due to its unique properties and applications that adds to the quality of food product. North America dominated the market in past few years and it is expected to lead the hydrocolloid market in coming years as well.
Apart from North America there is an increasing demand for hydrocolloid in the Asia Pacific where in India & china claims major market size. This is due to the changing lifestyle and preferences for the convenient food products. Gelatin is found to be the most common & dominated hydrocolloid in India & China. Gelatin is extracted from the plant exudates hence it is of great significance for food industries in India where people prefers natural food products rather than the synthetic. Hydrocolloids find its applications in many food products however confectionary industry was found to be dominated by hydrocolloids.
The report provides a comprehensive & meticulous analysis of the world’s key players in the industry. The hydrocolloid market is segmented according to its type, source, functions, applications, and geography. The report deals with variety of food hydrocolloids such as gelatin, pectin, xanthan gum, carrageenan, etc. The report also emphasizes on the Market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and issues of the Hydrocolloid market in precise manner
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