Global Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market Outlook: 2013-2018

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Outsourcing of healthcare IT solutions has emerged as a way to alleviate growing healthcare costs and to meet the growing demand for quality care. The trend of outsourcing healthcare IT solutions has grown considerably among huge organizations and has also attracted mid-sized organizations over the recent years. The health insurance industry, healthcare systems industry, and pharmaceutical industry are driving the Healthcare IT outsourcing market. These industries are looking at the outsourcing model to enhance their focus on core business, reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase access to IT skilled and trained staff – further reducing hiring and training costs, fluctuating share market risk, and quick implementation of new technologies.
The major driving forces of healthcare IT outsourcing market are viable solution to curtail healthcare cost, shortage of in house IT professional, accountable care organizations, reduction in operational cost, and growing need of integral healthcare IT solution. However the restraints of the market are end user market restrict to development of standard IT platform, rising incidences of data breach and loss of confidentiality, and cultural differences as well as language barriers.
This research report offers comprehensive segmentation of the Healthcare IT outsourcing market by applications and industry. The applications are further sub segmented as provider of IT outsourcing, user of IT outsourcing, life science IT outsourcing, operational IT outsourcing, and infrastructure IT outsourcing, whereas market by industry is segmented as healthcare (including hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and clinics), biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical research organizations, and health insurance.
This report provides comprehensive analysis of Healthcare IT outsourcing market across the globe. The geographical regions covered in this reports are North America (U.S, Canada), Europe (Germany, France, Italy, U.K, Spain), Asia- pacific (Japan, India, Chain) and rest of world (Latin America, Middle East Africa)
Reasons for IT outsourcing in Healthcare-
– Reducing and controlling operating cost
– Improving company focus on core business
– Gaining access to world class capabilities
– Freeing up internal resources for other purposes
– Resources are not available internally.
The research report provide meticulous analysis of healthcare IT outsourcing Market by following categories

  1. Global Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market Analysis-Application
    1. • Provider It Outsourcing Market
      1. o Electronic Health Records
      2. o Revenue Cycle Management System
      3. o Laboratory Information and Management System
      4. o Pharmacy Information and Management System
      5. o Others
    1. • Payer It Outsourcing Market
      1. o Customer Relationship Management System
      2. o Claim Processing Management System
      3. o Billing System
      4. o Fraud and Detection System
      5. o Other
    1. • Life Sciences It Outsourcing Market
      1. o Enterprise Resource Planning
      2. o Clinical Trial Management System
      3. o Clinical Database Management System
      4. o Research and Development IT services
      5. o Others
    1. • Operational It Outsourcing Market
      1. o Supply Chain Management
      2. o Business Process Management
      3. o Others
    1. • It Infrastructure Outsourcing Market
      1. o 4.6.1 Infrastructure Management Services
      2. o Cloud Computing
      3. o Others
    1. Global Healthcare IT Outsourcing Market Analysis- Industry
        1. • Healthcare System
        2. • Healthcare Insurance Industry
        3. • Pharmaceutical Industry
        4. • Clinical Research Organization
        5. • Biotechnology
        6. • Others

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