Published on 05 Jul 2018:

Meticulous Research® –leading global market research company published a research report titled “New Motorcycle Registrations/Sales by brand, Model, and Country–Data Analysis for 2015-2017″

According to this latest publication from Meticulous Research®, the new motorcycle registrations (including the sales of all motorcycle, mopeds and scooters) in Germany were 139,831 units in 2017, decreasing from 172,846 units in 2016 and 150,550 units in 2015.

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This study on new motorcycle registrations across the globe has majorly covered the data for key brands and leading models for many countries across the globe. Geographically, the motorcycle registration data analysis study majorly covers 30 countries across the globe including Italy, Germany, Brazil, Australia, U.K., India, New Zealand, Austria, Netherlands, Russia, Indonesia, Colombia, Singapore, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Belgium, Thailand, Spain, U.S., Canada, Philippines, Argentina, France, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, China, Mexico, and Chile. Asia-Pacific region, especially India and China were the major markets, with the new motorcycle registration of 17,589,511 units and 17,135,000 units in 2017, respectively.

Key questions answered in the report:

  • Which are the key markets driving the demand for the motorcycle industry?
  • What is the motorcycle demand trend in various countries across the globe?
  • Which countries are showing significant growth in terms of new motorcycles registrations?
  • What are the leading models with major share of total registrations in each brand in each country?
  • Which types of motorcycles are commonly preferred across Emerging countries?
  • What type of motorcycle models should the companies focus on in each country to increase their volume of registrations?

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