Meticulous Research Viewpoint: Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Industry Amid Global COVID-19 Crisis

At Meticulous Research®, we work with many companies operating in the entire value chain of the AIDC Industry across the globe to analyze the latest trends and projections that can help our clients prepare well ahead of their competitors and thereby transform revenues.

In our effort to enable businesses to strategize their growth plans, we are making every effort to realign, update, and simplify our research to provide actionable insights and guidance to the various organizations in order to enable them to sail through this situation with resilience and agility.

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) Industry Amid Global COVID-19 Crisis

The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 crisis is having a significant impact on people and businesses worldwide. The global pandemic has deeply impacted almost every industry on a global platform. Virtually every country across the globe is expected to face grave economic crisis, which will also impact industries, such as AIDC. The rapid spread of COVID-19 is causing retract on international business outlook. The world is looking at an unprecedented and challenging future, as COVID-19 impacts more and more people. The slowdown in the end-market demand is exerting tremendous pressure on the AIDC devices supply chain, while this industry is facing a challenge of balancing supply and demand environment. According to a survey focused on COVID-19 business and supply chain impacts conducted by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), around 57% of respondents said that demand for their products had decreased by an average of 5% while the demand in the healthcare and social assistance sector increased by 50%. Countless stones remain unturned, which may reveal greater impacts on all aspects of business and supply chain operations, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues and while the outcomes of forthcoming years are largely unclear.

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