Increasing demand for automation in healthcare industry from emerging markets is expected to create significant opportunities for healthcare barcode technology vendors

Dating back from 1970’s, it is believed that use of barcode technology in various healthcare settings has reduced the medication errors and the cost incurred in rehabilitating the patient after the wrong treatment. The adoption of such advanced technologies in the healthcare sector will drastically enhance the operations of hospitals or other healthcare systems.

Growing emphasis on patient safety and outcomes to drive the adoption of automatic identification & data capture technology in healthcare industry

According to the Journal of Patient Safety, around 400,000 deaths occur each year in the U.S. only. It also reveals that each year preventable adverse events (PAEs) lead to the death of 210,000-400,000 patients who seek care at a hospital.

Corn- The most valuable raw material for modified starch production

Corn is the leading source of starch extraction. The corn plant has large capacity for efficiently converting large amounts of radiant energy from the sun into stable chemical energy. This energy is stored as cellulose, oil, and starch in the corn plant and in the corn kernel. The corn plant is also one of nature’s greatest multipliers.

Leading Factors in Tablet Processing & Packaging Equipment Market to Watch Out for in Future

Pharmaceutical industry has grown in leaps and bounds during the last three to four decades. Initial emphasis on validation of tablets started across the industry globally sometime in late sixties or early seventies.

Growing Population To Propel The Growth Of Crop Protection Chemicals Market

According to United Nations (UN) there are more than 7 billion living humans on Earth, yet 200 years ago this number was less than 1 billion. Recent estimates from the UN suggest that 6.5 percent of all people ever born are alive right now.