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About Us


About Us

Meticulous Research™ is founded in 2010 and incorporated as Meticulous Market Research Pvt. Ltd. in 2013 as a private limited company under the Companies Act, 1956. Since its incorporation, the company has become the leading provider of premium market intelligence in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa.
With the meticulous primary and secondary research techniques, we have built strong capabilities in data collection, interpretation, and analysis of data including qualitative and quantitative research with the finest team of analysts. We design our meticulously analyzed intelligent and value-driven syndicate market research reports, custom studies, quick turnaround research, and consulting solutions to address business challenges of sustainable growth. Meticulous Research™ produces global reports and custom studies for North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia¬-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa regions. These reports are used by our clients for marketing and strategic planning in various sectors.


We are everywhere-

  • Our market research experience with engagements throughout North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa equips us to get anywhere, quickly.

We are always on time

  • Our on-time delivery rate is more than 99% over the past 7 years

We are meticulous listeners

  • We will listen to your specific requirements and take everything we learn about your business to create customized solutions that meet your business needs.

Unique 24×365 support plan

  • We operate 24*7 through our unique support plan
  • We provide unlimited analyst support after purchasing any of our services

Robust Primary Research

  • We conduct minimum 100 expert interviews throughout value chain for each syndicate study

Custom report at syndicated report price

  • We customize each of our research studies to a client’s particular needs, and offer a research approach that combines quantitative and qualitative research methods, providing our clients with the in-depth and precise research data
  • We offer 15% customization which helps our clients to get a custom report at syndicated report price

What We Stand For

We stand for accuracy.
We stand for preciseness.
We stand for excellence.
We stand for you.

Global Reach



To focus on client satisfaction by delivering excellent market research solutions which help organizations to adapt, sustain, and grow in the changing business environment.


To be an organization, known for its excellence in market research across the globe

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